Hackathon event from Silfra Technologies at JNNCE, Shimoga

Silfra Technologies conducted a one day Hackathon/Workshop in Jawaharlal Nehru National College of Engineering (JNNCE), Shimoga on 8th Of November. JNNCE and Silfra Technologies have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) couple of weeks ago.

The Objective of the workshop was to achieve the following:

  • Tap the best talent from JNNCE for internship and employment with Silfra Technologies 
  • Invest to productise the best ideas from  students
  • Utilise JNNCE talent resource to work on PoC’s of mutual interest
  • Provide technical consultancy to students on their final year projects

The hackathon was inaugurated by JNNCE honorary Secretary, S N Nagaraj and Dr. H R Mahadevaswamy, principal of JNNCE. Both highlighted current trends in IT industry, how JNNCE is partnering with IT Industry starups / companies and requested students to best utilise Silfra Technologies.  Rajarshi Chanda, CEO of Silfra Technologies spoke about Silfra Technology planning to start an office in Shimoga in the near future and intentions on utilising the best talent from JNNCE institution. Rajarshi also highlighted the long term prospects and plan Silfra Technology has with JNNCE. He encouraged students to keep updating their knowledge base and come out with new ideas/proposals to solve social-economic issues jointly.

More than 80 students in 14 batches/groups discussed among themselves and presented their ideas. The areas were on Data Analytics, IoT and Digital. Each idea/proposal contained the problem statement and the proposed solution.  Silfra Technology shortlisted 4 ideas and 18 students from the hackathon/workshop with whom it will continue to do proof of concept on the ideas and utilise these students on development of ideas that are in the pipeline of Silfra Technologies.

From Silfra Technologies, Rajarshi Chanda (CO-Founder and CEO), Prakash Suryanarayana (CO-Founder and CDO) and Guru Purandar (Senior Technical Consultant), Raghunandan (Senior Software engineer) attended the event.

Overall, the hackathon is a big step forward from Silfra Technologies in bridging the institutions to the IT industry and it plans to do similar events with reputed institutions in the state.