Digityze - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered OCR

Silfra Technologies has recently launched an AI Powered Optical Character Recognition or OCR software tool Digityze that can scan images and accurately extract text and numbers from them. It can convert handwritten as well as typed document images into editable electronic documents. Subsequently, the details captured can be extracted to a known format which can be further processed by other systems.

Advantages of Digityze: It works well for documents or images with variable contrast, variable formats, handwritten documents(select formats) and more. It provides digital format of documents with text-search capability and allows editing for better management of information. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to continually adapt and improve in changing conditions and give companies the edge to put their data to use faster.

The problem to recognize characters, numbers, words and sentences without mistakes, is a thing of past with AI Powered Digityze. Digityze can accurately digitize bank statements, Trading Account, Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheets, Income Tax Returns, NACH Mandate and many more images.

The Financial Services industry such as Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds can benefit from Digityze. Home Loan Application processing, Credit Card approvals, Personal Loan Sanctions Overdraft clearance, Project loan Approvals and many more operations can be processed at a speed that will not only increase productivity, but also maintain quality and control cost.

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